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Sunset cruise

Enjoy an afternoon trip on the Argonaut with your friends and

Boatswain Bird Island Trip

A boat drive to Boatswain Bird Island should be on

Day around the island

Communicate your wishes and Ascension Island Adventures can offer you

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance

Craig Hall, Ascension Island expert guide, will be your fishing and snorkeling guide. He grew up fishing in South Africa and has gained experience in the roughest waters and most diverse areas. Together with Ellen Cuylaerts, award winning underwater photographer, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that is aimed at making your visit to Ascension Island unforgettable.

Value for Money

With its 38ft, expert guides, shade, there’s no reason not to share the ocean with a few friends and enjoy the day on the same boat. The Argonaut can take 4 active fishermen or 4 active photographers/cameramen. Partners can join. For the sunset cruise, Ascension Island Adventures can take 12 people. Share the costs and you have the best deal on island.

Space on The Argonaut

Ascension Islands Adventures offers a unique experience aboard its 38ft custom built boat, fully equipped with all safety gear and captained by highly experienced guide Mario Williams. The cabin equipped with the latest sonar and radar. Ample shade and seating is available on the deck and rubber based shelving will be available for camera storage.


Ascension Island is a remote location very close to the equator. Being outside the whole day in sun and wind has resulted in many sunburns. The Argonaut is unique in offering a shaded deck and a spacious cabin if you want to escape the sun.